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Calcite | Level 5

Hi, I want to open the SAS data, but the SAS enterprise guide can not open it. Error message: connection is lost or abandoned. Where is the problem? Because I am opening it with open a file. 

Super User

A SAS dataset needs to be present in the context of the workspace server (the SAS process that does all the work you send from Enterprise Guide).

So how you open a dataset depends on the way your SAS system is set up.

Do you use

  • a complete local SAS installation (you have "SAS" in your Windows start menu, and a Local server in the EG server list)
  • client/server in your organization (workspace server is usually called SASApp)
  • or SAS on Demand for Academics (where the server sits in a public cloud)


Meteorite | Level 14

Hello @Michaela904 
Further to what @Kurt_Bremser  has said, I would like to add the following :

If you have created a dataset while running your code and it is saved in the work  library it will be lost  once the SAS EG session is closed or if the connection is lost for any reason.(Yes it does happens in real life, when SAS is installed on a  remote Server and SAS EG is on your desktop)..


Quartz | Level 8

I had similar kind of issues...throws error Cannot open data set, Connection is lost or abandoned


Can you please advise on this


When SAS EG is left inactive for indefinite time, SAS EG disconnects the session and am loosing
all my work data from the run.

When I connect to SAS EG and run any job that creates temp datasets in work library and creates libraries.

If I leave the session open and perform other tasks, SAS is not running anything at that moment in time, it is inactive but the project is open and connected the server session.

When am back check after some time and EG session disconnecting from it’s session, work data is lost and created libraries are disconnected and no longer exist.

Have to reconnect and rerun project to retrieve data and libraries.

Meteorite | Level 14

Hello @sasprofile @Michaela904 
There could be multiple reasons for this which include among others   timeout of idle network connections AND/OR expiry of Kerberos Ticket.
Kerberos tickets typically expire after 600 minutes and generally this values is not increased for security reasons.
If a user needs work datasets for longer duration, then the best practice is to save them at a permanent location.

Request your SAS Administrator to look into it.




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