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I have an enquiry on how to import Multiple CSV Files?

I have 5 data tables that I want to use for my project.


I created File Import node connected to Save Data node. I can then create a data source based on this file.


After I imported the second csv file with the same method (I created new set of File Import and Save Data node), I realized that both data source are the same when I explore it.


Please assist on the proper way to import multiple csv files to SAS Enterprise Miner.




SAS Employee
The File Import node will only read in one CSV file at a time. You do not need to add a Save Data node as you can set the variable metadata settings within the File Import node. You can connect the File Import node to any other node in SAS Enterprise Miner. If you want to merge all the files and make them into single file then you can use Merge Node in SAS ® Enterprise Miner™ for this task. Here is an excerpt from the Merge Node chapter.

Overview of the Merge Node

Use the Merge node to merge observations from two or more data sets or more into a single observation in a new data set. The Merge node is part of the Utility group and can be found on the Utility tab of the Enterprise Miner graphical user interface.

To access the chapter from within SAS Enterprise Miner, select Help -> Contents -> Node Reference -> Sample -> Merge Node.

Another option would be to import multiple CSV files in a pre-processing data step outside of SAS Enterprise Miner. You can write your own data step code. One example of this is found in a SAS note at the following URL:
Calcite | Level 5

Thanks Craig for your assistance.


I have another enquiry. Is it possible to do group by (aggregate) data table in SAS EM?


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