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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Guys,


I have statExplore node attached with my File import node.I want to export the output window of statExpolore node on to excel. I am not sure if there is a way out without using SAS code (code editor node).


please share information if there is one.


thank you,




SAS Employee

Hello Prajna_450:


The Output panel in the Results window of the StatExplore node is a LST (text) file.  To save it, take these steps:


 - Run the StatExplore node.  View the results.

 - In the Results window, click the Output panel (or click View -> SAS Results -> Output).

 - With the Output panel active, click File -> Save As.., and follow the steps in the Wizard.


Those steps work for any of the panels in the Results window.  Graph panels are saved as BMP files.


You can also save the underlying data that creates each graph or table.  


 - Select the graph of interest.

 - With the graph active, click the Table icon in the toolbar. A table is displayed.

 - With the table active, click File -> Save As, and you can create a SAS data set.


There is another way to see the underlying data sets that are used by the node.

 - Click the Explorer icon in the toolbar.

 - In the Explorer window that opens, select the Show Project Data selection box.

 - Navigate to the EMWS<n> folder that corresponds to your diagram of interest.

 - The data sets that begin with "Stat<n>_..." correspond to the data sets that are used by 

   the StatExplore node.  You can get to them by navigating to the workspace folder, or by

   writing code in a SAS Code node.  If there is a specific data set that you want to access

   in this method, then open a technical support track, send a model package, and add comments

   about which portion of the Results window data you are trying to access.  Technical support

   can offer coding suggestions.



Have a great day.

Fluorite | Level 6



I agree to your solution, but I to send to my client I need to send it via excel. While I am try to export the alignment looks in appropriate.

Is there any other way ?


Please help !


Thank you,



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