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Fluorite | Level 6



I have attached my query in the word document, help me find out if I am missing out any input specification in the steps I have followed to see the desired out put


Thank you,


SAS Employee

Hello Prajna_450:


One reason that only some of the panels are displayed in the window is that the individual panels have been closed. 



    - View one of the panels in the Results window.

    - Click the red X box.  The panel closes.

    - Click the Window pulldown menu.  The menu selections show that fewer panel choices are available.


One way to redisplay the closed panels is to re-open them manually.  Click In the Results browser, click View -> and navigate to the panel that you want to select for display.  Repeat until all desired panels are displayed.  Click Window -> Tile to have them arranged. 


Another way to redisplay the closed panels is to close the Results window, and then re-open it.


If neither of those methods work, then add a new Variable Selection node, and try again.  If that new one does not display all six panels by default, then check the node log to see whether there are any messages about why portions of the Results are not displayed.  


If those steps do not lead you to a resolution, then create a model package, and contact technical support for assistance.


Have a great day.




Fluorite | Level 6



Thanks a lot! I tried the same parameters on a new diagram and it worked well !!.


There are two more Queries I am looking for solution 

1. I will need help on a over sampling method, can u share your experience of using the node ?

2. What is the advantage of using segment profile over variable selection (variable Importance)



Thank you,



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