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Fluorite | Level 6


          I am running proc gplot  code with eminer. It gives error of device not specified. I had specified device=gif, it gave error. How can I know what device is supported by my machine.

        I just neet graphs on result window.

12114  goptions reset=all

12115  colors=(cx1c9099 cxa6bddb) ctext=black;

12116  symbol1 i=spline v=none color=cx1c9099 w=3;

12117  symbol2 i=spline v=none c=cxe82727 w=3;

12118  proc gplot data = plottemp;

12119  plot (_VAVERR_ _AVERR_) * _iter_ /overlay legend;

12120  run;

ERROR: Device was not specified.

NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.

NOTE: PROCEDURE GPLOT used (Total process time):

      real time           0.00 seconds

      cpu time            0.00 seconds

12121  quit;

Calcite | Level 5

Don't forget to specify the device.

goptions device=sasprtc;

The following devices are available:

ACTIVEXActiveX enabled GIF Driver
ACTXIMGActiveX enabled Image Driver
BMPBMP File Fmt--256 colors
CGMCGM generator--binary output
CGMCCGM generator w/colors--binary output
CGMCLEARCGM generator--Clear text format
CGMLT97LCGM for Smartsuite 97 landscape
CGMLT97PCGM for Smartsuite 97 portrait
CGMOF97LCGM for Office 97 landscape mode
CGMOF97PCGM for Microsoft Office 97 portrait
CGMOFMLCGM for MS Office w/ Metric Scaling land
CGMOFMPCGM for MS Office w/ Metric Scaling port
CLJHP Color LaserJet Printer--Letter Size
CLJA3HP Color LaserJet Printer--A3 size
CLJA4HP Color LaserJet Printer--A4 size
CLJPSHP Color LaserJet--PostScript--Letter
CLJPSA4HP Color LaserJet--PostScript--A4 Size
DEBUGCDebugging driver--color-definable CRT
DEBUGLRCDebugging driver--color-definable CRT
DEBUGLRNDebug driver--non-color definable CRT
DEBUGLRPDebugging driver--plotter
DEBUGNDebug driver--non-color definable CRT
DEBUGPDebug driver--plotter
DJ1200PMHP DeskJet 1200C/PS--A4 size paper
DJ1200PSHP DeskJet 1200C -- Postscript
DJ1600PSHP DeskJet 1600C -- Postscript
DJT2CDesignJet 2000 Series 24" color HPGL/2
DJT2CWDesignJet 2000 Series 36" color HPGL/2
DJT4DesignJet 400 Series 24" b/w HPGL/2
DJT4CDesignJet 400 Series 24" color HPGL/2
DJT4CWDesignJet 400 Series 36" color HPGL/2
DJT4WDesignJet 400 Series 36" b/w HPGL/2
DJT65024HP DesignJet 650C - 24 in Roll - Color
DJT65036HP DesignJet 650C - 36 in Roll - Color
DJT650CDHP DesignJet 650C - D size - Color Exp
DJT650CEHP DesignJet 650C - E size - Color Exp
DJT650DHP DesignJet 650C - D size - 600 dpi Exp
DJT650EHP DesignJet 650C - E size - 600 dpi Exp
DJT7DesignJet 700 Series 24" b/w HPGL/2
DJT7CDesignJet 700 Series 24" color HPGL/2
DJT7CWDesignJet 700 Series 36" color HPGL/2
DJT7WDesignJet 700 Series 36" b/w HPGL/2
DJTPS24DDesignJet650C-24 in roll-ArchD
DJTPS2CDesignJet 2000 Series 24" color PS
DJTPS2CWDesignJet 2000 Series 36" color PS
DJTPS36DDesignJet650C-36 in roll ArchD
DJTPS36EDesignJet650C-36 in roll-ArchE
DJTPS7DesignJet 700 Series 24" b/w PS
DJTPS7CDesignJet 700 Series 24" color PS
DJTPS7CWDesignJet 700 Series 36" color PS
DJTPS7WDesignJet 700 Series 36" b/w PS
EMFEnhanced Metafile Driver
GIFGIF File Format
GIF160GIF - Size 160 x 120 pixels
GIF260GIF - Size 260 x 195 pixels
GIF733GIF - Size 733 x 550 pixels
GIFANIMGIF89A - Animation
HP7550AHP 7550 plotter--A size paper
HP7600CLHP 7600 color plotter--Model 355
HP7600DHP 7600 plotter--Model 240D
HP7600EHP 7600 plotter--Model 240E
HPGLHewlett-Packard Graphics Language
HPGL3SIHP LaserJet Series IIISi -- HP-GL/2
HPGL3SIMHP LaserJet Series IIISi--HP-GL/2--A4
HPGL4SIHP LaserJet Series 4Si--HP-GL/2
JAVAJava enabled GIF Driver
JAVAIMGJava enabled Image Driver
JAVAMETAJava Metagraphics Driver
JPEGJPEG/JFIF Format--256 Colors
JPEG300JPEG/JFIF Format--256 Colors
LIPS2A4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2) - A4 size
LIPS2A5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2) - A5 size
LIPS2B4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2) - B4 size
LIPS2B5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2) - B5 size
LIPS2LGCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS2) - Legal size
LIPS2LTCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS2) - Letter size
LIPS2PCCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS2) - Postcard size
LIPS2XA3Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - A3 size
LIPS2XA4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - A4 size
LIPS2XA5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - A5 size
LIPS2XB4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - B4 size
LIPS2XB5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - B5 size
LIPS2XLGCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - Legal size
LIPS2XLTCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - Letter size
LIPS2XPCCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS2+) - Postcard size
LIPS3A3Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - A3 size
LIPS3A4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - A4 size
LIPS3A5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - A5 size
LIPS3B4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - B4 size
LIPS3B5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - B5 size
LIPS3LGCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - Legal size
LIPS3LTCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - Letter size
LIPS3PCCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS3) - Postcard size
LIPS4A3Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - A3 size
LIPS4A4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - A4 size
LIPS4A5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - A5 size
LIPS4B4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - B4 size
LIPS4B5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - B5 size
LIPS4CA3Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - A3 size
LIPS4CA4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - A4 size
LIPS4CA5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - A5 size
LIPS4CB4Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - B4 size
LIPS4CB5Canon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - B5 size
LIPS4CEXCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - Executive siz
LIPS4CLGCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - Legal size
LIPS4CLSCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - Leisure size
LIPS4CLTCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - Letter size
LIPS4CPCCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4c) - Postcard size
LIPS4EXCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - Executive size
LIPS4EXNCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) Mono - Executive
LIPS4LGCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - Legal size
LIPS4LSCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - Leisure size
LIPS4LSNCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) Mono - Leisure
LIPS4LTCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - Letter size
LIPS4PCCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) - Postcard size
LIPS4PCNCanon LASER SHOT(LIPS4) Mono - Postcard
LJ3SIPSHP LaserJet IIISi--Postscript
LJ3SIPSLHP LaserJet IIISi--Postscript thin lines
LJ3SIPSMHP IIISi--PostScript--A4 size paper
LJ4SIPSHP LaserJet IV -- 600 dpi -- PostScript
LJ5PSLaserJet 5P -- 600 dpi -- PostScript
LJ5SIPSHP LaserJet 5Si--PostScript--Letter Size
LJIVPSHP LaserJet IV -- 600 dpi -- PostScript
PCL5PCL5 Universal Printer
PCL5CPCL5c Universal Printer
PCL5EPCL5e Universal Printer
PDFPDF Version 1.3 -- color
PDFAArchive PDF - ISO-19005-1/b
PDFCPDF Version 1.3 -- color
PHASERTektronix Color Postscript Printer
PHASER3MPhaser III PXi Printer - A4 paper
PHASERA4Tektronix Phaser II Pxi - A4 Paper
PHASERBTektronix Phaser II PXi - legal paper
PHASERMTektronix Phaser II Pxi - Special A4
PHASR340Tektronix Phaser 340 Color Printer
PHASR540Tektronix Phaser 540 Color Printer
PHASRIIIPhaser III PXi PostScript Printer
PHSR340MTektronix Phaser 340 Color Printer -- A4
PHSR540MTektronix Phaser 540 Color Printer -- A4
PNGPNG Universal Printer
PNG300PNG Universal Printer
PNGTPNG Universal Printer with Transparency
PSPostScript devices
PS1200PostScript devices--thin lines, 1200 DPI
PS1200A4PostScript devices--1200 DPI--A4
PS1200CColor PostScript--1200 DPI
PS300PostScript devices--thin lines, 300 DPI
PS300A4PostScript--thin lines--A4 size paper
PS600PostScript devices--thin lines, 600 DPI
PS600CColor PostScript--thin lines, 600 DPI
PSCLRA4PostScript color--RGB color defs--A4
PSCLRSEPPostScript experimental color separator
PSCOLORPostScript Level 1 (Color)
PSCSEPLPostScript experimental color separation
PSEPSFPostScript devices--encapsulated files
PSEPSFA4PostScript--encapsulated--A4 size paper
PSEURPS driver with ISO8859 Mods for Nat char
PSEURCPS with ISO8859 Mods for Nat chars-color
PSLPostScript Level 1 (Gray Scale)
PSLA4PostScript--thin lines--A4 size paper
PSLATIN1PS driver with ISO Latin1 Encoding
PSLATINCPS driver with ISO Latin1 Encoding-color
PSLBWA4PostScript devices--monochrome--A4
PSLCMYKPostScript color--4 color ribbon (CMYK)
PSLEPSFPostScript EPS (Gray Scale)
PSLEPSFCPostScript EPS (Color)
PSLLPostScript devices--landscape mode
PSLLA4PostScript--landscape--A4 size paper
PSLMONOPostScript devices--monochrome
SASEMFEnhanced Metafile Driver
SASMETASAS Metagraphics File Format
SASPRTCSAS Color Printer
SASPRTGSAS Gray Scale Printer
SASPRTMSAS Monochrome Printer
SASWMFWindows Metafile Format
SVGSVG Universal Printer
SVGTSVG Transparency Universal Printer
SVGVIEWSVG Printer w/ Control Buttons
SVGZSVG Compressed Universal Printer
TIFFBTag Image File Fmt--B/W--Compressed
TIFFB300Tag Image File Fmt--B/W--Compressed
TIFFBIITag Image File Fmt--B/W--II byte order
TIFFBMMTag Image File Fmt--B/W--MM byte order
TIFFG3Tag Image File Fmt--B/W--CCITT Group 3
TIFFG4Tag Image File Fmt--B/W--CCITT Group 4
TIFFPTag Image File Fmt--256 clr--Compressed
TIFFP300Tag Image File Fmt--256 clr--Compressed
UEMFEMF Universal Printer
UEPSPostScript EPS (Gray Scale)
UEPSCPostScript EPS (Color)
UGIFGIF Universal Printer
UPCL5PCL5 Universal Printer
UPCL5CPCL5c Universal Printer
UPCL5EPCL5e Universal Printer
UPDFPDF Version 1.3 -- color
UPNGPNG Universal Printer
UPNGTPNG Universal Printer with Transparency
UPSLPostScript Level 1 (Gray Scale)
UPSLCPostScript Level 1 (Color)
WEBFRAMEFrameset HTML Generator
WMFWindows Metafile Format
XBWDriver for Monochrome X Window
XCOLORDriver for Color X Window
XGRAYDriver for Gray Scale X Window
ZBMPBMP -- host font rendering
ZGIFGIF -- host font rendering
ZGIF733GIF733 -- host font rendering
ZGIFANIMGIFANIM -- host font rendering
ZHTMLHTML -- host font rendering
ZJPEGJPEG -- host font rendering
ZPCL5HP PCL 5 -- Letter Size
ZPCL5CzPCL5c Universal Printer
ZPDFPortable Document Format for Acrobat 3.0
ZPDFCPDF for Acrobat 3.0 -- color
ZPNGPNG -- host font rendering
ZPSCOLORPostScript color--RGB color defs
ZPSEPSFCPostScript color--encapsulated
ZPSLPostScript devices--thin lines
ZPSLEPSFPostScript--encapsulated w/thin lines
ZTIFFBTIFFB -- host font rendering
ZTIFFBIITIFFBII -- host font rendering
ZTIFFBMMTIFFBMM -- host font rendering
ZTIFFG3TIFFG3 -- host font rendering
ZTIFFG4TIFFG4 -- host font rendering
ZTIFFPTIFFP -- host font rendering
ZUGIFGIF Universal Printer
ZWEBFRAMWEBFRAME -- host font rendering


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