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Quartz | Level 8

Dear All,

Here i have data of SAS 6th version files but those files are not working in SAS 9.3 version. So i used V6 option in libname statement but still its not working. please can anybody give solution for this.

Thank you very much in advance.


Super User

Were any error messages generated? If so, what did the log show for the libname? Which version of SAS6 files? Created on what operating system? Current operating system?

What wasn't working? When you assigned the library could you see any of the datasets or run information procs such as Proc Contents?

Quartz | Level 8

Dear Ballardw,

The Error massage is that

libname anil "H:\NFHS_sas_files\NFHS_2005-06";

NOTE: Library ANIL does not exist.

when i used V6 after libname its showing  belowed error.

NOTE: KUMAR.HHEMEMAP.DATA is a Version 6 data set.  In future releases of SAS you may not be

      able to create or update Version 6 data sets. Use PROC MIGRATE to convert the data set to

      Version 9.

SAS Employee

Try sending this issue to the techincal support team at SAS.

Super User Tom
Super User

That doesn't look like an error message.  Were you able to use the data?

Super User

The error with the first LIBNAME is because SAS found SAS datasets in the location but recognized that they were not the default V9 files. The second is telling you that you can access the data. Proc Migrate should now be able to convert the data. Best is to create a new library in a different location for the new datasets.


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