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Hi SAS Data Management Community,


Are you going to SAS Global Forum 2019 in Dallas, TX, April 28-May 1? Allow me to share the SAS Data Management-related presentations to help build your agenda. If you're presenting, share your session on this thread to make this listing more complete.


And if you haven't already, be sure to join the SAS Global Forum 2019 group here on the community. There's lots of chatter over there from cool swag you can earn to what to wear.


Now back to the sessions:



Boop-Oop-A-Doop! It’s Showtime with SAS on Hadoop! - Cecily Hoffritz

Execution of user-written DS2 programs inside Apache Spark™ using SAS® In-Database Code Accelerator - David Ghazaleh

So your data is in Amazon Web Services (AWS), how to you access it with SAS? – Lou Galway

Sparking Your Data Innovation: SAS® Integration with Apache Spark - Kumar Thangamuthu

Accessing Your Favorite Database with SAS and JDBC - Salman Maher


Data Prep

Be Prepared: An Introduction to SAS® Data Preparation - Mary Kathryn Queen

Data Preparation in the Analytical Lifecycle - Ivor Moan


Deployment and Governance

Data Quality Programming Techniques with SAS Cloud Analytic Services - Nicolas Robert

Adding data to real-time decision making with SAS Decision Manager on Viya - Ernest Jessee

Understanding, Tracking, and Visualizing Decisions with SAS Viya - Carl Sommer

Cows or Chickens - How you can make your models into containers - Hongjie Xin

The Aftermath. What Happens After you Deploy your Models and Decisions - David Duling

Data Governance: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Vincent Rejany


Emerging topics

What's New in SAS Data Management - Nancy Rausch

Benefiting from AI: Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Data Management - Nancy Rausch

No time to create an Enterprise Data Warehouse? No problem, blockchain to the rescue! - Angela Hall

Data Management for Modern Data Architectures - Ron Agresta

Unlocking Your Data with SAS/ACCESS to Salesforce - Mason Morris

World Wide Wrangler: How to create SAS® datasets from HTML tables in seconds - Ed Summers



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Calcite | Level 5
Thank you!
This is a pretty helpful list.
Is there any consulting related session? I could not find any.
Community Manager

Great, glad this is useful, @akmuradov!


Can you clarify what specific type of sessions would interest you? Consulting-related, there is the Partner Forum held prior to the main SAS Global Forum event. See this page for details:

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SAS Bowl XXIX, The SAS Hackathon
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Tourmaline | Level 20

Can't believe that you missed my session @AnnaBrown ... 😮


Data Modeling for a Better Analytical Environment

Which is part of the Data Governance section.

Data never sleeps
Community Manager

@LinusH! Thank you for adding yours in! I was listing out the SAS-presented sessions ... didn't mean to leave you out! NOW it is definitely more comprehensive.


Community, any other presentations to add here?

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SAS Employee

Hi Anna,


My colleague, Erin Winters, will be presenting a pre-conference tutorial, Self-Service Data Preparation in SAS Viya, on Sunday.  I would like to invite the DM community to sign-up and join Erin or any other pre-conference tutorial instructors on Sunday.  Here's the full list of tutorials.


Lot's of really cool stuff ..





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Training and Technical Services, SAS Education
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How to connect to databases in SAS Viya

Need to connect to databases in SAS Viya? SAS’ David Ghan shows you two methods – via SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME and SAS Data Connector SASLIBS – in this video.

Find more tutorials on the SAS Users YouTube channel.

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