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We are running SAS VA 8.3


One of our users pointed this issue out to me and I want to find out if this is a bug or by design.


When we create a data plan (could be doing various tasks such as splitting, renaming, calculating columns, etc.) which saves to a table, has the settings "Save plan and table", and Replace table if the name of the target table already exists.


When I run the data plan the first time the table is created. However, if I open the data plan and choose "Run from beginning" it runs but when I look at the target table it has not been updated. If I "Save as..." the plan and then "Run from the beginning" the target table gets updated. Is this behaviour by design or is it a bug? If by design what is the reason?

SAS Employee

The physical table does not get updated unless user does Save as. The table in memory gets updated but not the physical table when user selects “Run from the beginning”. This is by design. 


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