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I have a list of unique IDs  I wanted to split in to 2 groups, each groups gives the customers a certain offer. what I did I created a split node to have group 1 is "data 5", group 2 "data 20", and created two campaigns, and use a link to have group 2 users, the thing is when I executed the campaigns I found duplicates between the two groups


why I'm facing this, it is highly impotent to my campaigns to not have duplicates.




SAS Employee

Without knowing the details of the underlying data and how you created your groups, the easiest way to fix your problem is to add a Prioritize node into the diagram where you have your Split node, connect the two Cells to the Prioritize node. The order of the cells in the Prioritize node will ensure that customers only appear in 1 cell. Then modify your campaign link nodes to connect to the output of the Prioritize node.

Fluorite | Level 6

thank you James for  your replying Smiley Wink


I added a prioritization node after the slit, and duplication was removed. but I tried t execute only data 20 (cell after prioritization node) it contained duplicates with data 5. that is my problem why if I want to re-execute one cell after prioritization / linking the data contain duplicates from other cells. 

SAS Employee

I suspect that your Main Cell campaign with the Split has a diagram property that says "Use the Most current date when referenced by a Link." 

I'm guessing your Main Cell campaign includes a communication that Uses Data 5 as Marketing Cell and that the Duplicates you're finding are across the two different campaigns.  Assuming the Data 20 campaign executes after the Main Cell and the Main cell has the property shown below checked, the random split will be done again and thus create overlap with 1st split execution for Main Cell.



Your Data 20 Campaign shows no overlap between the membership in the two link nodes at the time of execution since the AND node of Data 20 with Everyone not in Data5 (exclusion link) results in same count as Data20 Link node.  :(if there was overlap in the two Link nodes when Data 20 was run, The Exclusion link for Data 5 would include some customers not in Data 20 and thus the And Node would have a lower count than Data 20.


Why don't you include communications for both Data20 and Data5 in the same Main Cell campaign?


Hope this makes sense.

Fluorite | Level 6

thank you for replying dear.


in this case, yes I can add two communications and execute data 5 and data 20 in the same campaign. but I have more complicated campaigns where one of the split cells should be added to other campaign because they share the same offer.


example: let say that data 20 is giving 1 Gb for a week, and we have other campaign with different criteria "data10" but giving the same bundle. here I must merge the 2 data in one campaign. 



SAS Employee

So does your Main Cell Campaign have the Property Use Most Current Data when referenced by a link checked?  If so, you should un-check it.

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