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The world of Email Marketing is ever-changing.  To keep you informed of some of the latest advancements in email, we are using this post to highlight four of the technologies that either here or on the horizon to enhance your email marketing efforts.


Microsoft Business Profile (in Beta)

Microsoft Business Profile helps you manage your brands’ presence across Microsoft products, starting with Outlook.  When you have an MBP setup:

·         Your emails will be displayed with verified icon

·         You will get a customizable business profile

·         More prominent placement for Coupons and promotions (coming in late 2019), which will be great for retailers.

If you would like to join the BETA program, you can sign up here.






BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification.  BiMi is a solution for having greater control over having your logo appear in the inbox beside your message header. It helps distinguish you in the inbox from fraudulent emailers and works across multiple mailboxes that use BiMi.  It is currently in OATH domains only (Yahoo, AOL, Verizon) but is growing in popularity. Gmail just announced that it will be participating in a BIMI pilot, so it is gaining.   For your logo to appear, you must have all three forms of authentication working (SPF, DKIM and DMARC).  And DMARC has to be set to P=Quarantine or P=reject To find out more about BiMI, click here.



Check back to this space for more information and consult your email deliverability expert to help answer any questions or to work to get this setup for your business.

SAS Employee

I'm curious to know what are the sources of information you adopt in your "content daily diet".

SAS Employee

Good question.  Oracle has a quarterly blog which is very good. 


I also follow a linked in group and if you hashtag #deliverability that will give you some good info.   Plus 250ok is a company that has a good blog, as well as


How to improve email deliverability

SAS' Peter Ansbacher shows you how to use the dashboard in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 for better results.

Find more tutorials on the SAS Users YouTube channel.

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