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When you need to determine why email tasks fail to successfully send, the best practice is to review the occurrence history of the task. To view this history, navigate to the task’s OrchestrationHistoryOccurrence tab.

Note that any executions with a Failure status contain additional Execution Failure details, which are available via the Properties (i) icon, as shown in the following image:



Error Messages

The following error messages might occur when an email task execution or occurrence fails to complete successfully, which results in no emails being sent.



Processing error occurred. Contact your system administrator.


This error typically indicates an on-premises issue, so you should review the tenant’s onprem direct log file first for additional information.

Please note that the onprem_direct.log files will be located in the logs directory wherever the on-premises agent is installed.




Task execution failed. Transient data is deleted after a task is executed. To re-execute the task you must reload the data.


If you use a transient file for targeting, the transient data must be uploaded prior to each task execution. Therefore, for tasks targeting transient data descriptors, the task fails to send out any emails (unless you upload the transient customer data prior to each task execution).



Task execution failed. Cannot send emails using the specified email send agent and "From" address.

This error suggests that there is a problem with the Email Send Agent settings.

The Email Send Agent settings are defined in General SettingsContent DeliveryEmail.

If you still have questions regarding these settings, please work with your SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 Email Deliverability specialist.


Task did not send any emails because its target audience does not contain any eligible customers.

This error indicates that the identities targeted by the task did not meet the task’s targeting criteria. You should review the Eligible and Exclusion criteria carefully if you encounter this error unexpectedly.

Task targeting criteria is defined on a task's Targeting tab.


The import failed.

This error can occur when executing on-premises bulk email tasks and is typically caused by the utilization of on-premises data that is not UTF-8 encoded.

Any data that you upload into SAS Customer Intelligence 360 needs to be UTF-8 encoded. Any customer data upload or transient files that are generated using SAS or other tools need to be UTF-8 encoded. If you use SAS® 360 Engage: Direct, the data in the Information Map and the SAS Server (Pooled Workspace Server) need to be UTF-8 encoded.


The export path is not a valid path in the file system.


By default, files are exported to an /install/CI_Assets/Exports directory. To change the export location, contact your SAS representative. To ensure that exports are successful, make sure that the export location exists on-premises and has sufficient space to contain the export files. In addition, SAS recommends that you periodically delete or archive old export files.






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