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I have been working to develop SAS tools that help make it easier to obtain and leverage data from SAS Customer Intelligence 360 (CI360) for analytic marketing use cases.

Recently, I have published a GitHub repository ( that contains a variety of SAS macro tools for CI360. These tools are designed to use the REST APIs for CI360 to download data that can then be used for analysis and insight.

In addition, there are tools for turning the analytical insights into action by enabling users to upload analytical customer scores, segments, and personalization data for execution in CI360. 

At a high level, the tools do the following:

  • Leverage SAS’s proc http and JSON libname to integrate the REST APIs of CI360 with SAS code.
  • Remove duplicate entries, extract custom attributes, simplify tables, and process identities for CI360 data.
  • Create customer-level analytical base tables (ABTs) with features that are derived from the data from SAS 360 Discover and SAS 360 Engage (for example, the SESSION_DETAILS table).
  • Provide general utility. Examples of these tools are a SAS log scanning tool, running SAS macro invocations as parallel processes, etc.




In the future, I will create a series of additional posts to provide more details about how you can use these tools for specific marketing use cases (assuming that the SAS 360 Discover and SAS 360 Engage data is being downloaded successfully).

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