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Pyrite | Level 9

If there are views that are created is there a way to add that view to the information map and link to from a subject or other table/view? Please consider any tool that would help in accomlishing this (such as SAS Migration Utility).



SAS Employee

I know for sure that PROC INFOMAPS lets you create information maps programmatically. I use it in combination with an Excel Spreadsheet to help consultants create initial information maps quickly (by using VBA in Excel to generate the PROC INFOMAPS code), but I'm not sure what capabilities it has for updating existing maps. Might be worth a look, though.


You'll also need some additional SAS code to register those new views in SMC and update their metadata if you want to automate this end-to-end. I don't have an example handy of registering new tables, but for updating metadata I used this recently:


proc metalib;
	omr (libid="&libid"); /* get this from SMC - it's the second half of the full object ID */
	select (campaign communication);


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Pyrite | Level 9

Thanks @shill


I lookup the procedure and see a section devoted to it. At a high level it appears there are functions to insert and update the InfoMap.



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