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Code, execute and schedule Python in SAS Studio or add Python steps to a SAS Flow

In 2017 SAS Analytics Skills was deemed, the Most Valuable Skills to Have in the Job Market, but of course it is the plethora of our individual skills that drive our value in the job market.


This year, I have chosen to highlight the newly released Python Code Editor in SAS Viya as my Christmas tip.


Reason being, that in my conversations with Data & AI departments, I hear among other, the following skills being sought after as high value drivers for extracting value from data:


  • Being “multi (code-)lingual”
  • Ability to work across skillsets
  • Ability to deploy workloads in an easy and timely fashion.


I would encourage you all to share in the comments sections, what skills you would emphasize as driving value for your organisation?


This new feature enables you and your colleagues to combine your SAS and Python skills by coding, executing and scheduling Python scripts from within the SAS code editor interface (SAS Studio) or add Python steps to a SAS Flow.


You get the flexibility to:


  • use Python inside a SAS environment for query, preparation and analysis depending on users' skills, comfort and preferences, as well as the problem they are trying to solve
  • efficiently create a flow to integrate SAS and Python code for consistent delivery of analytics-ready data pipelines
  • support Information Governance initiatives by displaying tables created by Python, using SAS linage diagrams
  • leverage the benefits of using SAS Viya with open source for achieving business value


For a How-to and more in-depth description of the possibilities, I highly recommend reading this excellent blog post:


For a introduction on how to integrate Python into data pipelines in SAS Studio on SAS Viya, I can also recommend this blog on LinkedIn: (38) Easy collaboration is key when building data pipelines! | LinkedIn

SAS Employee

Hi @CecilyHoffritz - just added your excellent LinkedIn blog. Great read - thanks for sharing from your large brain 🙂



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