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In April 2021 Custom steps were introduced in SAS Studio to enable you to create a user interface for users at your site to complete a specific task. Over the last year a some very useful enhancements has been made to the controls available to the custom step developers.


Dynamic Lists

Besides the option of creating a static list of values the user of the custom step can choose from it is now possible to populate the items of a list from the content of a table. This option will add even more flexibility to the use of custom steps in SAS Studio. Read more...


Cascading Prompts

Cascading Prompts is taking the dynamic lists a step further by enabling you to link these controls. This is possible by defining a prompt hierarchy which will filter the available options in a subsequent control by the choice made in a previous control. Read more...


Date and Time Control

This control will enable the user of a custom step to choose either a single or range of values.

The values can any of these types

  • Date
  • Month
  • Date and time
  • Time

It is also possible to specify a minimum or maximum value to choose from. Read more...


Share your Custom Steps

To encourage collaboration on development of custom steps a public GitHub repository containing a variety of custom steps has been established. These custom steps can speed up the process of adapting to SAS Studio Flow. If you make enhancements to these steps please share them through GitHub and if you create your own custom steps you can share them as well.



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