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In Enterprise Guide v8.2/3 you can save your code versions into Git using HTTPS (with username and password) as logon method. In SAS StudioV, by default there is only SSH method available. But by changing the configuration slightly in Environment Manager, you can enable the usage of HTTPS as well. Note that SSH is considered more secure than HTTPS. After the change, the Git connection screen should have both SSH and HTTPS as shown below:




When you add a profile you can then choose HTTPS, give it a name (no spaces) and add the username, email and password, as it is registered when you login to for example the github application on web (


The steps to enable this for SAS StudioV is simple. The first step though is to go to and create an account, if you do not already have that:

  1. Open Viya environment Manager. You will likely need to be member of the SAS Viya Administrator group.
  2. Go to Configuration
  3. Select all services in listbox and search for "Studio". Select "SAS Studio Viya".
  4. In right handside canvas, search for "git" and you find section "sas.studiov".
  5. Press the edit "pen" to the right of the section, navigate to "allowGitPassword" and enable it.
  6. Press save.

Then open SASStudioV and go to the GIT section (left handside menu, at the bottom).

Go to the part where you edit an existing profile, or create a new one.

Here you now can switch between "SSH" (default) or HTTPS (just enabled).


If you have a SSH profile registered, the properties are moved to HTTPS when that is selected.

The paremeters are typically (example values below for github):

Profile name: github_TorOveKilnes

User name: <username in Github>

Email: <email address registered for the user name>

Password: <Your password>


Then register a local github repository and use github integration as of documentation.

Note that the branch in github is named "master" while the defaul github name often is "main".


Useful documentation:

If you like to use SSH authentication, see Youtube video for more info. This video second part is about using git in a SAS program for SAS StudioV:


This video has some more info about the usage of Git in SAS StudioV and Enterprise Guide.



Documentation of properties, including allowGitPassword:





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