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SAS Nordic Forum 2020 is happening on November 17th, at the interactive platform Proske. Are you working hands-on with SAS or leading people who do, you are very much welcome to join the event - at no cost.


Working with the Nordic SAS User Group, FANS, on a daily basis is giving us insight into your needs and wishes, and we have tried our best to incorporate those into the agenda.


Sharing with you our session tips at the forum, in addition to all the other sessions; industry or user/technology, demos, etc.:


Tip from Frans Holm, User Group Manager Denmark:


  • I am going to see a broad range of papers from Data Management to Analytics focused papers. In the Analytical field, I will highlight: “Fail fast analytical approach by Martin Vang Haugaard, 1813”. We know time is essential today and being able to fast change direction in the “analytical toolbox” is one of the important tools in obtaining this.

  • In the Data Management field, I will highlight: “What's New in SAS® Data Management - Data Flow/Studio by Patric Hamilton & Cecily Hoffritz, SAS”. As effective Data Management is the foundation for Analytics, how this will evolve in SAS® Viya is a must-see. Finally, also “SAS® Enterprise Guide®, code extraction and automation by Ilmarin, Joonas Maunu” where the focus is on current technology and how to automize repeated tasks, as this is one of SAS cornerstones in providing effective and fast results.

Tip from Pietari Koskela, User Group Manager Finland:

  • From Helsinki Pietari Koskela is looking forward to seeing the presentation of the City of Helsinki. They are telling how a large city can bring business users with their problems together with people knowing AI and analytical capabilities. The POC concept is a good example of fail fast and concrete proofs for real-life challenges. Presentation combining IT and Business point of view is interesting and this is something that many organizations could use to share new technologies experiences.

Tip from Pia Rønnevik, User Group Manager Norway:

  •  Pia Rønnevik is recommending the presentation “Learning by Beeing”, which is held by Kjetil Kalager and Silje Nord from Amesto Nextbridge. Their analysis, of the dance patterns of the bees, won the SAS Nordic Hackaton 2020. The results can help beekeepers to find the best place to locate the beehives. 

Tip from Daniel Ringqvist, User Group Manager Sweden:


  • And finally, Daniel Ringqvist is looking forward to a fantastic program and agenda with both demos, SAS  presentations, and customer sharing. I’m looking forward especially to watching “Structuring and Scripting SAS® Code with Proc Lua instead of SAS® Macro” by Martin Sjöberg (Handelsbanken), “Are you ready for true cloud-native computing? Meet SAS Viya 4” by Kristoffer Nilsson, SAS, as well as the customer application “Lönelänken 3.0 – Salary Analytics for the Public Sector in Sweden” by Kalle Magnusson, SAS.

Are you interested in joining the virtual SAS Nordic forum on November 17th? Learn more, and register.


Any questions? Get in contact with us by email.

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