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DataStewardsDay_2014-nb.jpgIt’s that time of year again – time to submit nominations for the 4th annual Data Steward of the Year award, also known as the Stewie. Nomination deadline is Nov. 21; winners will be announced Dec. 9 at the Data Governance Winter Conference.


Think about who in your company “rocks” when it comes to managing data (to go along with the rock star theme this year). This person doesn't need a “data steward” title, or a PhD in computer science. Think of the smartest, hardest worker and master of all things data in your office – and nominate immediately.


Nominees will get a chance to win the Grammy-like data award they’ve always dreamed of, and more.




I haven't worked for a single company where this "Data Steward" role actually existed. So really curious if this is only my personal experience, or country specific, or if this role is also globally nothing more than a "theoretical concept".

Hi Patrick - From my experience, the role of a data steward can differ from org to org, but the common theme is that they straddle the line between IT and business to make data management-focused projects work. As far as job titles go, you do come across somebody with the title "data steward" (the first winner of this contest has the title "chief data steward" at her organization). But, it could just as well be a business analyst, IT systems manager or another title who does the job of communicating data issues between technology groups and their business counterparts.


I found this post and I really liked reading how it reads, and then starting think how my shop with 120+ IT personal could benefit by use this theme with some of the new business changes we are going through.  Thanks for being there SAS.

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