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Where to find sources for ODBC drivers for Oracle on UNIX

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This article is part of a series.  See Using SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC on UNIX Platforms for a listing of all articles in this series.


ODBC Driver Manager

To use SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC on UNIX platforms to read from and write to Oracle, you must independently obtain an ODBC driver manager and an ODBC driver for Oracle.


Progress DataDirect is an ODBC driver vendor that can provide—and is considered to be the gold standard for—the needed ODBC client components for UNIX platforms. Through DataDirect, you can license an ODBC driver and also an ODBC driver manager for various ODBC data sources, including Oracle. DataDirect drivers are sound, easy to implement and maintain, and well-supported.


For a relatively nominal fee, you can also license an ODBC driver manager and an ODBC driver for Oracle for UNIX platforms from Easysoft or OpenLink.


You can also use an ODBC driver from Oracle.  If you use an Oracle ODBC driver, you must also obtain a unixODBC driver manager.  Download a zipped tar file (unixODBC-x.x.x.tar.gz) for unixODBC from the unixODBC project home page.  (x.x.x refers to the most recent subrelease.)


You can implement this solution without incurring any additional licensing fees. Be aware, however, that there is a known Oracle ODBC driver bug in releases prior to Oracle 11.2, so you might want to avoid using older versions of the Oracle ODBC driver.

Could you please give explain for teradata also. I need to connect teradata using odbc engine.
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