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Questions and Answers from SAS Certification Webinar: How to Prepare for the SAS Viya, September 29,2021

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Q: Will this webinar be recorded and made available later?  When will this webinar be offered again?

A: Yes. An on-demand version of the webcast will be available within a few days and can be accessed using the same audience link that was sent to you earlier when you registered for the webinar.  The Q&A will be posted to the Certification community.  


Q: If I take specialist exam is it implied that I have the knowledge of associate? 

A: They are two separate credentials, but the specialist is a more in-depth exam than the associate.  You do not have to have the associate to take the specialist.


Q: Does Viya run the code on the compute server by default?

A: It depends on what you are doing. If you are using traditional SAS libraries, it will execute on compute. If you are using CAS tables, it depends. Just remember, with SAS Viya you can do everything you can do in SAS 9.4 on the compute server, plus you get the CAS server (distributed) for faster processing for big data/resource intensive programs.


Q: Other than fast processing what are other benefits? because our company does not have millions of records. So not really looking for speed?

A: Great question. SAS Viya also has a variety of other solutions like Visual Analytics (for data visualization and dashboards), Visual Statistics and Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning for statistics and machine learning, and more.  It also has SAS Data Studio, a point and click tool for data prep. And different ways for schedule jobs.


Q: Can you share the link to Peter Styliadis’s blog you mentioned? 


This is Peter's series of blogs on CAS actions.


Q: Is the e-course Programming for SAS Viya 2020.1 sufficient to pass the certification exam?

A: For the Viya Programming Associate exam, Programming for SAS Viya is a good start. For the Specialist exam, you'll want to take the High- Performance Data Processing with CASL in SAS Viya course as well. And remember to look at the exam content guide. Some things on the exam are not covered in detail in either course so you'll have to study on your own.


Q: Which course should I take to prepare for Associate: Programming for SAS Viya (2020.1) or Programming for SAS Viya (3.5)?

A: Either course would be just fine. However, we suggest the latest and greatest version that’s out. Technically, Programming for SAS Viya is based on 2020.1 and it does include a little CASL at the end. That content is going to be important and helpful for the associate level.


Q: How do I get practice with SAS Viya software?

A: We have some great resources that are available to help you prepare including practice software. We’ve got some free videos out on the SAS Video Portal.  Great blog posts, the SAS Learning Subscription is free for 30 days where you can get access to the two courses that will help you prepare for these credentials. With that subscription you get access to a virtual lab where you can practice with the software.  If you are an educator or a university student, you can get access to what is called our SAS Viya for Learners.  

Links mentioned in this webinar:

 Free resources are available to learn more about programming in SAS Viya

Is there a learning environment for Viya/CAS, similar to SAS On-demand for Academics?
If you are an educator or student, you can sign up to access Viya for Learners with a .edu email. If you are not eligible to use Viya for Learners, access to practice software is included with most of our SAS Viya training courses. You can take advantage of the free 30 day trial to our SAS Learning Subscription, which includes most of our SAS Education e-learning portfolio.


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