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Purging archived audit records in SAS Viya

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An earlier post outlined the steps involved in setting up archiving for older audit records out of SAS Viya's Audit service. A new feature has since been added to SAS Viya to optionally enable the purging of these archived audit records once they reach a defined retention period to keep the PV storage clean and tidy. This post demonstrates the required steps.


There are two relevant configuration instances to set up the purging of archived audit records. The first, sas.audit.archive, was reviewed in the previous post, but now contains some additional configurable properties.



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The * properties control the period for which audit and activity records are kept in the archive destination before they are purged. Define your retention period in these fields when setting up archiving. If your customer requires records to be kept for longer, adjust the value as necessary. In the example above, archived audit records more than a day old will be cleaned up by the purge process. Also note that another new property is also now available to define the minimum amount of available space required on storage before archiving occurs. Set your threshold value (a percentage of available space) in the storage.local.remainingSpaceThreshold property as required.


Then there's the new sas.audit.purge configuration instance which toggles the purge function on and off, and defines the frequency at which the purge process will run.





To enable purging, ensure that the enabled switch is turned on, and then define the schedule using cron standard syntax. In the same way that audit records are archived to the attached storage volume according to the schedule defined in the scanSchedule property, the purge process will remove record from the defined archive volume path per the schedule.


If backups of archived audit records (or PVCs) are required, be sure to take them between scheduled purges. Admins can also opt to disable the purge facility and manually delete archived records on an ad-hoc basis, but elevated privileges are required.


Thanks for reading. For more on the Audit service, refer to the SAS Viya: Administration guide.


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Can I verify for what release of SAS Environment Manager is this applicable? Currently, I am using SAS Environment Manager (release 3.4) along with SAS Viya release V.03.05 in my environment and I do not see the sas.audit.purge definition available. 


I would like to find out more on how do I manage audit logs generated in my case as I did not define a location for storage.local.destination but audit logs are written to /var/log/audit.


In my case, SAS Viya is deployed on a VM RHEL instance with single machine deployment setup.


Intention: to keep audit logs for only last 3 months and delete audit logs beyond 3 month retention period

I'm pretty sure this post relates to Viya 4 as there are references to this in the above earlier linked post.

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