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Part 1 of 4: Configuring Copy to Hadoop and Copy from Hadoop directives to update the file oozie-site.xml

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Advanced topic:  Use this article to configure SAS Data Loader for Hadoop (Trial Edition) to use the directives Copy Data to Hadoop and Copy Data from Hadoop. You need this information only if you want to access relational DBMS data; the configuration is not required when accessing SAS data. To complete the configuration process, see also these articles:


Before you start, make sure that the SAS Data Loader (Trial Edition) and your Hadoop cluster are installed, configured, and functional.

Note: The following steps are required only if you are using Cloudera without using Cloudera Manager. If you are using Cloudera Manager, or if you are using Hortonworks, then these steps are performed automatically.

Follow these steps to update the file oozie-site.xml:

     1.  In the Cloudera QuickStart virtual machine, click Applications --> System Tools --> Terminal.

     2.  In the terminal window, enter: cd /etc/oozie/conf

     3.  To open the file for edit, enter: sudo vi oozie-site.xml

     4.  In the file, use the arrow keys to locate the following text:





    5.  Click just before the </value> tag to position the cursor.



     6.  Enter i to begin edit mode.

     7.  Enter: ,sqoop-action-0.4.xsd 

     8.  The text should now read:




Be careful to enter this text exactly as it is shown. If you make a mistake, press the Escape key (Esc) and enter :q! to close the file without adding changes. Then reopen the file and repeat the edit.


     9.  Press the Escape key (Esc).

     10.  Enter :wq to write the file. 

     11.   Restart the service to pick up the change. Enter: sudo service oozie restart   

     12.  Verify that the service restarted. Enter: sudo service oozie status  

     13.  The returned status message should be running. If you receive a different message, then repeat these steps.

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