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Overview of updates to the SAS Viya Monitoring for Kubernetes project

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SAS' open source SAS Viya Monitoring for Kubernetes project is updated on GitHub roughly every four weeks. As I write it is currently at version 1.1.6, but newer releases may be out by the time you read this. A lot of work has been done in the last year or more to improve and extend both the log monitoring and metric monitoring modules this excellent project. In this post, I'll highlights of changes in the past year across both.


Then, in my next post, I'll describe some new (and not so new) features specifically in the log monitoring part of the project in a little more detail, and explain how to use them.


For a refreshing change, this is a short post! I think it's worth listing some of the improvements that have been made to the SAS Viya Monitoring for Kubernetes project in the past year. These include but are not limited to:


  • multiple new versions of Kibana, Grafana and associated components like Elasticsearch, Fluent Bit and Prometheus and others
  • support for deployment as part of the viya4-iac-* Infrastructure-as-Code projects:
  • a careful review of all of the samples was conducted, which resulted in improvements in the sample code and the associated documentation. Improvements covered configuring TLS for both log and metrics monitoring, ingresses, and how to use the native log monitoring and system monitoring capabilities in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform with SAS Viya
  • regular new and improved dashboards and visualizations
  • much improved deployment and usage documentation
  • better handling of very long log messages
  • the log monitoring logadm user
  • scripts to change internal passwords (e.g. for users like admin, logadm)
  • improved support for deploying the project on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, with or without using our Infrastructure-as-Code projects (see above)
  • work to add support for SAS Viya deployments on RedHat OpenShift, since the Stable 2021.1.6 release in October 2021 and Long-Term Support Release 2021.2 of SAS Viya in November 2021, and updated frequently since
  • capability to deploy user-provided dashboards at install time into both Kibana and Grafana
  • better deployment error handling
  • support for container runtimes other than Docker
  • support for the SAS Viya workload node placement strategy
  • the SAS Update Checker report in Kibana
  • improvements to the SAS Job dashboard in Grafana to better support SAS Workload Orchestrator
  • support added for application multi-tenancy in SAS Viya, including the ability to create Kibana and Grafana users with access to only one tenant
  • many quality improvements (i.e. bug fixes!)


In the next post, we'll focus on just the log monitoring part of the project, to look at a few of the new and not so new things I haven't covered before:


  • New logadm user
  • Select a Kibana tenant space
  • Refreshed Kibana user interface
  • Log retention in Elasticsearch Indices
  • How to adjust log retention
  • How to change log monitoring user passwords like admin, logadm and users created for specific tenants


See you next time!


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