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Overview of Customer Intelligence 360 Workflows and How to Create them

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Customer Intelligence 360 workflows enable you to automate processes to save time. A workflow consists of a series of steps that are executed in a specific order to track the progress of a project. Marketing teams can build workflow templates based on best practices. These templates can be created for product launches, collateral designs, advertising, direct marketing, sponsorships, event management, and so on.


Create a Workflow

To create a workflow:

  1. Click the Workflows tab of the planning item

  2. Navigate to Workflow List -> Start Workflow

  3. Select a workflow template and click Continue. A diagram of all the workflow tasks for each workflow template is displayed. The workflow templates are configured by your administrator and made available to the users in your organization

  4. On the Details tab, enter a Name and Description for your workflow

  5. On the Workflow Tasks tab, select the contributors who will execute the tasks

  6. For each contributor, enter the duration in days. The duration is the number of working days, excluding weekends and holidays, that the contributor has to complete the workflow task. When you enter the duration, the due date is automatically calculated

  7. Alternatively, you can change the due date and the duration is calculated accordingly

  8. Click Add to provide instructions to each contributor individually     

  9. Click on the "actions" tab and select Edit details to add details

  10. Click Activate to start the workflow on the supplied start date. Click on "save" tab to save a draft of the workflow

  11. A workflow with a status of In Progress is initiated

You can switch between a table view of the workflow task and a calendar view by clicking the appropriate icons. You can access a Gantt view to visualize the start and end dates for each workflow task and the contributors. If a contributor is removed from a task, that contributor is not visible in the calendar view.

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