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Learn how to choose the best report optimization technique in SAS Visual Analytics in this #SASGF paper

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Are you interested in increasing the speed of one of your SAS Visual Analytics reports?  If so, you're probably curious about which report optimization technique will be the most effective.  Should you use data partitioning, user-defined formats, or create aggregated data sets and apply them to your report's data sources?  Here is a presentation at SAS Global Forum 2019 you'll want to check out.


SAS® Viya® reportImages Service: The Report Optimization Speedometer

  • Tuesday, April 30: 11:30 AM-12:30 PM
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Room: Level 1, Room D162


This presentation first demonstrates how to use SAS code to call the the reportImages service (available via the SAS Viya REST API) and programmatically open a SAS Visual Analytics report.  Next, the reportImages service completely renders an SVG image of the report and returns the output image to SAS Studio 5.1 results window.  The total duration time for the image rendering is then captured and printed.  This process can be repeated automatically while the report designer tests several versions of the report to determine which report optimization technique is the most effective for their specific report and environment.


Highlights include: 

  • How to create a connection between a SAS Studio 5.1 session and the SAS Viya Rest APIs
  • Programmatically requesting and retrieving SVG images of SAS Visual Analytics Reports
  • Returning the output SVG images into the SAS Studio 5.1 results window
  • Capturing the server-side image generation duration time from the reportImages Service
  • Macro code which demonstrates how to test a suite of reports for comprehensive A/B comparisons. 


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