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Learn by Example with SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Templates

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Download the Files (GitHub)


Ever wondered about performing a particular data mining task in SAS Enterprise Miner but weren’t sure how to get started?  You can now find templates—example process flow diagrams—focusing on certain applications that you may not be familiar with in a new GitHub repository.  An XML file is all you need to easily import a diagram representing a specific task into your SAS Enterprise Miner project.  With this imported diagram you can then do the following: examine the results that are created when running the flow with sample data, tweak properties and re-run the flow to see how the results are affected, and run the flow using your own data.  A corresponding PDF document is available for each diagram to guide you through the nodes in the flow and the results.


Please check out the repository at to find templates for these data mining topics:


  • association discovery
  • clustering
  • credit scoring
  • predictive modeling
  • survival data mining
  • text mining
  • time series


The README file on the GitHub site contains all the instructions you need to get started.  We will feature templates from each of these categories in future articles, so stay tuned!


Thanks for sharing the above information. One of my friend shared me a good resource to learn the core concepts of SAS to improve my business performance and decision taking ability.



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