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Learn CI 360 Discover, Engage and Plan with free tutorials and other training options

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Learn SAS Customer Intelligence 360 with free tutorials and trainings

Ready to make the best decision for every customer interaction? The following SAS Customer Intelligence 360 resources are a good place to start. Whether you're just getting started or want to add new skills, SAS offers a variety of free tutorials and other training options. In this post I’m going to give you an overview how to get access to these learning options.


SAS Learning Center

To access an overview of the free tutorials and training options is just to visit the SAS Learning Center on the website and navigate to the SAS Customer Intelligence 360 section.


Customer Intelligence 360 Learning Center


Follow the next steps to navigate and find the path to the Learning Centers:

  1. Open the SAS Website
  2. Select Learn in the top menu banner (step 1)
  3. Select Learn SAS at the top left of the option window (step 2) to open the SAS Learn page.

    Learn SAS Menu


    You reached now the main SAS Learn Page.

  4. Alternatively to Step 1-3 you can bookmark this page with the deep link

    The Select one drop down button on this page provides a link to the different Learning Centers for different products.



                SAS Learn Page



  1. Chose the Learning Center for “SAS Customer Intelligence 360” from the “Select one” drop down to open the CI360 Learning Center Page.

    The page can be also reached via the deep link

  2. On the Learn Customer Intelligence 360 Page you have 5 options to get started with CI. Click on the tile you like to open:






Learn SAS Customer Intelligence 360




(1) Get started

Click on the “Get started” tile. Or use this link:

Get started


On this “Get started” area you can find some “CI360 Overview” videos and the “Learn the Basics” section with a selection of useful links to tutorials.


(2) Connect

Click on the “Connect” tile. Or use this link:



02_Stay_connected.jpgStay connected


If you would like to be a part of the community for SAS Customer Intelligence 360, SAS offers a variety of ways for you to interact with users and experts. You can find the links to the Blogs, Communities and events inside this section or just click here:


Join the Community

Read the blogs

Join a user group

Attend an event


(3) Tutorials

Click on the “Tutorials” tile. Or use this link:





CI360 Tutorials


Browse the library of free SAS Customer Intelligence 360 tutorials. Learn something new and sharpen your skills. On this page you will find a huge variety of featured tutorials.

You want more tutorials – please use this link to the complete Tutorial Page section inside the Documentation for CI360.



 (4) Training Courses

Click on the “Training courses” tile. Or use this link:





Training Courses


SAS offers 3 different eLearning courses for CI360 Discover, Engage or Plan.

·        SAS 360 Discover: Data Collection Settings and Rules

·        SAS 360 Engage: Delivering Targeted and Personalized Digital Content

·        SAS 360 Plan


All Customer Intelligence Trainings can also be found on the Training Page


(4) Documentation

Click on the “Documentation” tile. Or use this link:







Find user's guides and other technical documentation for SAS Customer Intelligence 360.





Enter Access Key - or contact SAS Technical Support


Please note: The documentation is for SAS Customers only and you need an access key to open the documentation page.

Customers can get the access key from Technical Support. They will verify that they are a customer and then provide the key. When you try to access the documentation from the web, the Enter Access Key pop-up window displays. That pop-up window includes a link to Tech Support link.


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