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How to use Backup and Restore of a SAS Viya environment in a Blue/Green deployment? (part2)

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This is part2 of a video recording how I perform a Blue/Green deployment on an existing demo Viya environment. My goal was to update Viya from stable 2021.1.3 to stable 2021.1.4. and transfer my end-users smoothly from the old version to the new version.




In part1 I recorded a video where I demonstrated the backup/restore process.  At the start of the next video I assume that the update has been done successfully by following the documentation.  So what's left is making sure that my users are now switched to the new Viya 2021.1.4 cadence.  The user will continue to use the same url but will be redirected to the new environment as soon we request a DNS switch of our INGRESS URL Hostname.  At SAS we can use internal application for that.



Watch the following video for the details how I did that.


Great article, Frederik!

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