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How to resolve a locked diagram in SAS® OnDemand for Academics SAS® Enterprise Miner®

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When a diagram is opened for editing in SAS OnDemand for Academics SAS Enterprise Miner a lock file is put in place to indicate the diagram is being used.  Sometimes, the lock file will remain even when the user is finished editing the diagram, especially if SAS OnDemand for Academics SAS Enterprise Miner closes abruptly.  As a result, the user will get an error in a pop-up window stating that “This diagram is currently locked by...”


To correct this problem, you should first make sure to close the diagram if it is still open, I would also recommend going one step further to exit SAS OnDemand for Academics SAS Enterprise Miner in case there are any diagram windows open that you are not seeing.  Next sign into your SAS OnDemand for Academics Control Center Dashboard at SAS OnDemand for Academics if you haven't already.  Click on the SAS Enterprise Miner icon (shown circled in yellow below) and the SAS® Enterprise Miner® tab will expand.  Under Other Actions: at the bottom you will see Clear my project locks (shown circled in red) clicking on this will give the warning listed under the screenshot below.  When you are sure there are no SAS® Enterprise Miner® diagrams open you click on yes for the action to clear the project locks.






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