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Getting Started with SAS Enterprise Guide

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SAS Enterprise Guide empowers SAS users of all backgrounds to analyze data and publish results in an intuitive interface. In this SAS tutorial, I demonstrate how to use point-and-click tasks to access and query data, create custom reports and graphs and get tips on using the powerful program editor to write and submit SAS programs. (Editor's note: @lbozema0 is showing SAS Enterprise Guide 8.2.)




Video highlights


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Practice Exercises


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Just so I don't spend time watching a tutorial on a newer version of Enterprise Guide than I have, what version are you discussing?

Hi @PaigeMiller, the version she's showing is 8.2, but the tutorial will make sense if you have 8.1.

I still have version 7.something 😞

Hi @PaigeMiller, I checked with the presenter to see what other resources are available. She said what she covers above can be applied to version 7 because the point-and-click tasks did not change for version 8. She said you might find useful tips/tricks in this older getting-started video and other tutorials on the site

Thanks, I really found it helpful 🙂 .

Can I have some advanced tutorials like high-level analytics, regression, and segmentation, please?

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