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Customize SAS Visual Analytics Graphs Using VA Graph Builder

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Looking to mix it up with your graphs in SAS Visual Analytics? You can go beyond the out-of-the-box graph objects with SAS Visual Analytics Graph Builder (VA graph builder). This application lets you create custom graph objects using built-in sample data.


Introduced in Visual Analytics 6.3, VA graph builder can be used to:

  • Create custom graph objects or graph templates to build custom reports in Visual Analytics Designer (the designer). These graph objects include an array of plot and chart types, layouts, and properties. They allow report designers to create simple or complex graphical views of their data beyond what can be achieved with the built-in objects in designer.
  • Create custom graph objects by dragging and dropping graph elements onto the canvas. You can then combine and arrange the graph elements as needed. For example, you can layer multiple graph elements in one cell, and/or you can create a lattice of cells containing graph elements.
  • Determine which data roles become available for assignment in designer. You can specify the type of role, whether it is required in a report, and other aspects of the role.
  • Specify the visual attributes of the graph elements. You can specify properties for the graph object and its cells, for individual graph elements, for the axes, and for legends.   

For more details, check out the full documentation (starts on page 471) and SAS Global Forum 2014 paper,  Create Custom Graphs in SAS Visual Analytics Using SAS Visual Analytics Graph Builder.


Also watch the community for subsequent posts on specific VA graph builder features and how to videos in the coming weeks.


Have you tried VA graph builder for yourself? How’d it go?


hi folks!

Actually i've tried the product and it seems a good way to create a graphical template, just like the Ods Designer.

However you can't use the same measure in 2 differents graphical elements.

Great to hear that gtadda. It is indeed similar in some respects to ODS Designer on the SAS server side.

As for your comment on not being able to use same measure in two different graphical elements. That is a great way for me to introduce the concept of Shared Roles which is something different and unique to the VA Graph Builder. You can designate in the VA Graph Builder GUI that you would like to share a data assignment among multiple graphical element roles. Please refer to Shared Roles section in the full documentation on page 513 for more in-depth information about this.

Saw that a video on how to use SAS Visual Analytics Graph Builder with some examples was posted on YouTube that people may find useful... How to Use SAS Visual Analytics Graph Builder - YouTube

Thanks for mentioning the video, Michelle. We thought the video would help show exactly how to use the Graph Builder application. I plan to post a separate article in the VA Community linking to the video soon.

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