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Create Define.xml file by data step

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Forgive me I don't like to write too much word for this topic . All stuff are in attachments.

Define.xml is important for sas programmer , which is meta data for SDTM .

But most sas user create it by the third software like : Pinnacle 21 .

Actually it is not a big deal. If you have a qualified define.xml , and as its format ,write some data step ,you also could get define.xml .


1)Attachment 'define_xml_code.rar' has '' , run it and could get define.xml under the same directory.

2)All you need to do is just change 'Spec.xlsx' to book the stuff you need.

   Note: codelist must be unique name .

3)If you need English version , just rename 'define2-0-0-en.xsl'  into 'define2-0-0.xsl' . If need Chinese ,rename  'define2-0-0-cn.xsl'  into 'define2-0-0.xsl' .






4)Attachment 'define_xml_code_for_PDF.rar' is order to generate PDF version of define.xml .

   Note: run '' could get 'define_xml.pdf' under the same directory .

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