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Create Custom SAS Mobile BI Apps using SAS SDKs

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If you use SAS Visual Analytics then you should already be using the SAS Mobile BI Apps.


The apps are free and they’re available in the:

  • Apple App Store – for iOS (iPhone and iPad),
  • Google Play – for Android (phone and tablet), and
  • Microsoft Store – for Windows 10.


 SAS Mobile BI in the App StoreSAS Mobile BI in the App Store     SAS Mobile BI in Google PlaySAS Mobile BI in Google Play     SAS Mobile BI in the Microsoft StoreSAS Mobile BI in the Microsoft Store

All you need is the URL for your SAS Visual Analytics server and credentials. You simply install the SAS Mobile BI app from the appropriate app store, subscribe to SAS Visual Analytics reports, and begin interacting with them immediately.


SAS SDK for iOS now available

The SAS Mobile BI Apps are very popular and many users have told us they want to take it further and build their own mobile apps. These users want to personalize the SAS Apps, or create completely custom apps that include SAS Visual Analytics content. In response to these requests, the SAS SDK for iOS is now available on, and the SAS SDK for Android will be available soon.


The SDKs are free and only require that you have access to a SAS Visual Analytics server. You can now create your own SAS Visual Analytics mobile apps that are personalized, pre-configured, customized, and managed. Here are more details on the various approaches you can take:



You can “personalize” the mobile app experience for your users by having the SAS Mobile BI App use your corporate icon. This is a great starting point to build personalized corporate mobile apps that require you to write 0 lines of code.



You can “pre-configure” your SAS Mobile BI App with pre-connected servers and pre-subscribed SAS Visual Analytics reports so all your users can immediately begin interacting with their SAS Visual Analytics reports. Pre-configuring the SAS servers and report subscriptions can also be achieved with 0 lines of code.



Creating a fully customized mobile app lets you include both SAS Visual Analytics reports and any other content and capabilities that tie into your organizational goals, processes, and projects. An example of a custom mobile app build with the SAS SDK is GatherIQ, a free offering that is part of the SAS Data for Good program. This app is available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and through Google Play for Android phones and tablets.



            The GatherIQ App - Built using the SAS SDK. Available for iOS and Android.The GatherIQ App - Built using the SAS SDK. Available for iOS and Android.                                 The GatherIQ App - Embedding SAS Visual Analytics content.The GatherIQ App - Embedding SAS Visual Analytics content.



Do you manage mobile devices through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service? Then you can integrate mobile apps with your MDM service using the SAS SDK.



How to get started


SAS Mobile BI Apps

SAS Mobile BI apps are available from:

  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Microsoft Store

SDK & Documentation

  • The SAS SDK for iOS is available from, where you can also access documentation.
  • The SAS SDK for Android is coming soon.


  • Check out SAS SDK for iOS Samples on GitHub.
  • Visit the GitHub samples site regularly as content will frequently be refreshed.

Download the SAS SDK and Samples to begin building your custom mobile app.


Have questions?



Are there any SDK & Documentation for Windows 10 apps ? Or is done in another way ? (never made any apps ...)

There is a SAS Visual Analytics App for Windows 10, but we currently do not have plans to publish a SAS Visual Analytics SDK for Windows 10. You are one of the few who has inquired about an SDK for Windows 10. I would be happy to hear your use case.

We are 20.000 employees and Windows 10 is rolling out to everyone.

If they are going to use VA on mobile and it is time for a new pc, I tell then to buy a pc with touch-screen.

Then they do not have to buy a PC AND an Ipad.  They only need one hardware.

And for every meeting they allways have access to all their systems (you can't do that on IPAD)


Today we are using IPAD and having a lot of troubles with it.

Crashes and need reinstallation. Looses connection and so. 

I have the app on my surface pro 4 and I have never had any problems.

And yes. Support have been looking/helping.


So I hope to get the same possibilities for Windows 10 !!

Hey Torben, VA currently has SDKs available for iOS and Android for developers to create custom Apps. At this time we do not provide an SDK or APIs access to the VA App for Windows 10. However, I encourage you to take a look at the SAS Visual Analytics SDK that lets you build custom web pages and web apps that access content insights from your VA reports.


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