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Connect with ModelOps Experts and Technologists at SAS Explore

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Registration for SAS Explore is now open! SAS Explore is a virtual, tailor-made analytics experience for SAS® enthusiasts. This flagship event is designed to bring technologists together for learning, training, networking, and inspiring sessions. SAS Explore is free to attend with three showtimes to accommodate a global audience.




There will be plenty of opportunities to learn more about ModelOps and containerized deployment for models and decisions at SAS Explore. First, SAS Model Manager, SAS Container Runtime, and SAS Intelligent Decisioning will take center stage during the Day 1 General Session. In under 10 minutes, see how a ModelOps engineer works with data scientists and business analysts to manage models and promote containerized decisions through validation to their production environment in Microsoft Azure. Getting models and decisions ready for production workloads has never been faster!


Later, dive deeper into the latest SAS technology in one of the many break-out sessions. During the Unified ModelOps and Containerized Deployment for All Models session, see how SAS Model Manager can act as a common model repository for SAS and open source models, where models can be registered, managed, monitored, and deployed from one central location. In this session, these models will be deployed into SAS Container Runtime, a lightweight, portable, and standardized container. The model container will be picked up by a CI/CD templated process to move the model from the analytical development environment through validation to production in a governed and managed manner. SAS Model Manager has complete out-of-the-box functionality to make it accessible to frontline workers, risk teams, data scientists, IT, ModelOps engineers, managers, and executives so that they can understand and provide input into the ModelOps process, balanced with the ability to extend our tool and build custom solutions programmatically. By creating a solution where multiple parts of the organization can collaborate on the ModelOps process, we help reduce silos and improve business outcomes through efficient use of models for better decision making.


If that break-out session leaves you wanting to learn more about SAS Container Runtime, then the Game Changing Decision Engine: SAS Container Runtime session is for you! This session will dive deeper into the details around SAS Container Runtime, the new SAS language execution option for SAS Viya 4. Each new SCR image is produced using SAS Viya software. This image is entirely self-contained, immutable and will run the same way on any Open Container Initiative (OCI) system. This breakout session will show users and developers how to develop, test, and integrate SCR images into their runtime applications. We will show applications using SAS and Python code running within the container. The result is a game changer for SAS applications.


Register now for SAS Explore to join these game-changing sessions and connect with ModelOps experts and technologists! Let us know which session you’re most excited for in the comments below.

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