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Common External Replication Configuration Issue in SAS® Visual Investigator

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In SAS Visual Investigator versions 10.7 and later, you can store replicated records or observations in another external table of a database. This storage method is commonly referred to as external replication.


However, you might run into a few issues while configuring external replications for a flow.


For example, you might encounter the following message when you try to select your external replication table. This message is an indicator for a common configuration issue:





The following reasons explain why you might experience this issue:


  • You might not have created your external replication table per the requirements. See the Context Records Replication Requirements for an External Table section in the SAS Visual Investigator documentation based on your version for additional details.
  • You might not have created an external entity for your external replication table in SAS Visual Investigator.
  • Column attributes in the external replication table such as name, length, assigned type, configured constraints, and so on do not match the corresponding column attributes in the source table. Note: the column names are case-sensitive.
  • You might have created or removed a column on the Fields tab for the external entity of your external replication table in the SAS Visual Investigator GUI. If this is the case, recreate the entity.
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