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Check the Usage of SAS Intelligent Advertising from the UI - Impressions served

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How do I keep track of my usage of SAS Intelligent Advertising to calculate contracted Impressions and overages?


For most contracts with SAS Intelligent Advertising, the usage and billing is based on the 'Impressions served' number on a monthly or annual basis. Please check your individual contract for the volume of Impressions (or Ad insertions), pricing and tenure information, as these are the factors that determine the billing or invoicing. The monthly impression number minus contracted monthly impression volume would be the Overages.


It is possible to check the usage of SAS Intelligent Advertising 'Impressions Served' number from within the UI of the product from the 'BI Reports' section. This section is available to logged in user roles that have access to the reporting sections:


Reports -> BI Reports



Now, choose to Open a new report from the Folder Icon:Capture.PNG

Next, look for the "MediumSum_Empty" data cube:


 Now, we are ready to create the report showing Monthly or Annual Impressions served. In order to do this, first drag in the 'Date' fields from the left column: 'Year' and 'Month':Capture.PNG



 Next, pull in the Measure: 'Impressions Served' which can also be found by typing in a partial search for 'impressions':Capture.PNG


That's it! Pulling in these three fields should automatically refresh the report to provide the Monthly Impressions values by year. If it does not automatically refresh, there would be a button to Refresh the report.


It is just as easy to obtain Annual or Daily impression numbers by dragging in the appropriate fields from left column.


There are also options to export the report in Excel, CSV and PDF formats under the 'Gear' icon -> Export:Untitled.png

Additionally, this report can be saved and scheduled to be sent out on email every month or so as needed. To schedule reports, please see the prompts under the 'Schedule or Email' section in the top row of icons here:Capture.PNG

Hope this helps! Please ask any questions or follow-up queries in the forums below! 





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