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Back-to-School Part 2 – Transitioning from SAS Enterprise Miner to SAS Viya

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Welcome back Academic friends!  Part 1 of this Back-to-School special focused on the myriad of ways that you can get interesting data into SAS Viya for Learners – with the convert goal of hooking students on analytics via compelling and relevant use cases.  Gotta lead with an interesting story when it comes to snoozing students… am I right?


In this installment, we’ll focus on the SAS Enterprise Miner (EM) users out there – and try to convince you that’s it’s time to give SAS Viya for Learners (SAS Viya for Learners | SAS) a try.


For the SAS Enterprise Miner lovers in the audience, I just want to say this: I feel you.  It is a great product – one that has helped countless hackers and predictive modelers reach their analytics analytical dreams.  And it was built on our beloved Base SAS technology… within a reliable product that dates all the way back to 1999:




But there is newer stuff out there. And, yes, newer isn’t always better.  But better is better. And we think SAS Viya for Learners will better meet the needs of your students.


SAS Viya was built for the big data world, one that focuses on data accessibility, collaboration, and the importance of storytelling. It’s designed for analysts of all types – not just statisticians and computer scientists with fancy degrees.  And, put simply, there are two main reasons why academics teaching classes should consider transitioning from SAS Enterprise Miner on SAS OnDemand for Academics to SAS Viya for Learners.


1.  SAS Viya for Learners can do (nearly) everything that SAS Enterprise Miner can handle

  • And it includes so much more. But the primary advanced of VFL over SAS EM is that VFL provides an integrated analytical experience, summarized most succinctly in these comparisons:






  • Put simply, VFL can handle all stages of your analysis.  Across the data analytics lifecycle, applications are included under one umbrella, so the right tool is just a click away:




  • And, yes, this includes open-source integration via direct calls and Jupyter notebooks.


2.  It is much easier for all students to connect to SAS Viya for Learners

  • Since Enterprise Miner is windows-based, it is hard for Mac users to access the software. Actually, it’s incredibly difficult now – and there are no easy fixes there. Sorry.
  • But… anyone with internet connection and a web browser can access SAS Viya for Learners. It’s that easy.

Change can be hard.  But we’re not asking you to do this alone, Professors.  In fact, we’ve created this landing page - Moving to SAS® Viya® for Learners | SAS – to help you transition from SAS Enterprise Miner to SAS Viya. And we’ll be adding new materials to this page as they become available.  But, there’s no need to wait to learn more – sign up for a free academic workshop this fall! Or start you eLearning journey today via the SAS Educator Portal.


Part 2 out!


Great post Lincoln thank you! As a Mac user your last point makes me happy 😉

Thanks, @Joanna_Edu!  Gotta give those Mac users some love too.  Analytics should be for everyone 🙂

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