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Asked & Answered: How can I pass data from an Open Source Code node to next node in SAS Model Studio

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97403_banner_Asked&Answered_aqua.pngHow can I pass data from an Open Source Code node to next node in SAS Model Studio?


Using the “Use output data in child nodes” property available in SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.5 or later.


When this property is selected, user can write code in Python or R and should make the output data available in the dm_scoreddf data frame (if “Generate data frame” property is selected) or the node_scored.csv file. While executing, the node saves this output data and uses it as input in subsequent child node(s). Even though data can be passed through the Open Source Code node with this new property, capabilities such as download score code, download score API, register models, publish models or score holdout data will not be enabled for open source models as there is no underlying SAS score code for them.


An example of passing data created in Open Source Code node in Data Mining Preprocessing lane to subsequent modeling node (Forest and Gradient Boosting) can be found on GitHub at sas-viya-dmml-pipelines project.

Example on GitHub



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