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Analyzing Unsegmented Data in SAS® Factory Miner

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In SAS Factory Miner, when creating a project, you are required to define a segment variable by which the data is stratified.  The quick and efficient parallel analysis of each segment of the data is a key feature of Factory Miner. However, you may require baseline analysis of all the data in addition to the segmented analysis. Or, you may not have a convenient segmentation variable or don't have a need to segment the data. This tip describes how to accomplish an analysis of the full unsegmented data.


First, scan your data for a unary (constant) variable. If such a variable exists, it can function as a segment variable for the analysis. If not, you will need to add a unary dummy variable to your data before adding it as a Data Source.  Here is sample code to create a unary variable named "allData" in SAS:


data /* your data name */;
   set /* your data name */;
   allData = 1;



Note that this variable should not have any missing values. 


Next, log-in to Factory Miner and create a new project, adding your data source to the project. Once the project has been created, define your unary variable as the segment variable, and define your target variable.




Finally, build the segment profile, modify your model templates, and build your models.  The process is the same as with segmented data, but Factory Miner treats the data as a single segment.



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