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Accelerating SAS using high-performing file systems on Amazon Web Services

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When running efficient, high-performing SAS applications in the cloud is critical to your business, deploying the right storage architecture could be the difference between success and failure. However, running a high-performing parallel, distributed file system is difficult and often very expensive to setup, run, and maintain. What if you could offload this to someone else, someone with expertise and with virtually unlimited resources? You can! With Amazon Web Services (AWS), you can have the flexibility to run different file systems that are compatible with SAS in the cloud, including Amazon Elastic File System and Amazon FSx for Lustre, giving you a variety of performance and cost options to choose from, based on the needs and demands of your customers.


This 20-minute video by Darryl Osborne of Amazon Web Services guides you through choosing the best storage platforms when running SAS applications on AWS. It compares and contrasts different AWS file service offerings and gives recommendations on when and where to use these services, and how to configure them. It also discusses the different types of cloud servers available on AWS and which are best suited to access these high-performing file systems. This in-depth analysis considers the needs of the different SAS tiers and gives recommendations based on compute, memory, and network performance configurations, plus tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your investment.



Video highlights

01:16 – Overview of Amazon Web Services

01:50 – Storage for SAS Grid compute recommendations

04:10 – Examples

05:33 – Amazon FSx for Lustre

10:53 – Amazon FSx for Lustre Demo

15:31 – SAS Grid compute node selection/recommendation

18:29 - Summary


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