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A Waze App for Base SAS: Automatically Routing Around Locked Data Sets, Bottleneck Processes, and Other Traffic Congestion on the Data Superhighway

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Enabling Autonomous Decision Making

Thanks to @sasbrah for his paper from SGF 2016 on the LOCKSMART macro and its ability to enable autonomous decision making. Learn how to implement LOCKSMART and its lock performance metrics to create data-driven, fuzzy logic algorithms that preemptively reroute program flow around inaccessible data sets. Using the macro helps to avoid needlessly waiting for a data set to become available or a process to complete. The software actually anticipates the wait time based on historical norms, performs other (independent) functions, and returns to the original process when it becomes available.


Waze and ETL

Creatively, @sasbrah used Waze, the community-based traffic and navigation app, to help explain the concept of extract, transform, load (ETL). ETL infrastructures often represent serialized process flows that can mimic highways, and which can become similarly snarled by locked data sets, slow processes, and other factors that introduce inefficiency. The LOCKITDOWN SAS® macro, introduced at WUSS in 2014, detects and prevents data access collisions that occur when two or more SAS processes or users simultaneously attempt to access the same SAS data set. Moreover, the LOCKANDTRACK macro, introduced at WUSS in 2015, provides real-time tracking of and historical performance metrics for locked data sets through a unified control table, enabling developers to hone processes to optimize efficiency and data throughput. 


Get full details at A Waze App for Base SAS: Automatically Routing around Locked Data Sets, Bottleneck Processes, and Ot....


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