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A Testimonial on SAS Skill Builder for Students

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Introducing our former SAS student Hélène Novakowski, whose journey with SAS took a significant turn during an immersive internship in the medical domain. While initial academic exposure to SAS was limited, this internship served as a crucial learning curve, illuminating SAS's pivotal role in bolstering healthcare data and shaping her professional ambitions.




Learning SAS Through Internship


A Transformative Experience In the course of her internship, she encountered SAS extensively, realizing its prevalence and importance in the medical sector. Despite prior familiarity with R and Python, SAS emerged as a significant area for improvement.


SAS's Crucial Role in Medical Field and Career Goals


Understanding SAS's importance in the medical realm motivated her to enhance her SAS skills. She sees SAS proficiency as an advantage in pursuing her career in the medical field, especially with Savane Data, a SAS partner specializing in the medical sector.


Benefiting from SAS Skill Builder for Students


The SAS Skill Builder for Students platform played a crucial role in her SAS certification journey. Emphasizing the value of interactive exercises and training activities, she found this method more beneficial than traditional PDF-based courses.


Examining SAS Programming Viya Certification


While the SAS Skill Builder for Students was instrumental in her SAS certifications, she highlighted a limitation in the SAS Programming Viya certification. Specific topics in CASL were inadequately covered, posing challenges during the exam.

"I faced a hurdle during the SAS Programming Viya certification. The platform lacked some topics in CASL, which affected my exam preparation. However, for the other certifications, the training activities were spot-on. Doing all the exercises made passing those certifications easy."


Mastery Achieved through SAS Visual Business Analytics Certification


Her successful completion of the SAS Visual Business Analytics certification underscored the platform's effectiveness in mastering interactive dashboard creation using SAS Viya.

"Passing the SAS Visual Business Analytics certification was a highlight. It's essential to create interactive dashboards in SAS Viya. I could use my database the way I wanted, thanks to the training I received."


SAS Viya: Fast and Practical Database Import


Sharing her experience with SAS Viya for database imports, she noted its efficiency, especially in complex situations. Despite challenges with unique database characteristics, SAS Viya's speed and practicality facilitated easier certification preparation.


Benefits of SAS Certifications in Real-world Applications


Implementing SAS skills acquired during certifications, she efficiently utilized SAS Viya for dashboard creation and database handling, contributing significantly to the accomplishment of her internship goals in the medical field.


Conclusion: The former SAS student's journey showcases the transformation of her SAS skills through the SAS Skill Builder for Students platform. Despite minor gaps in certification content, her testimony highlights SAS's instrumental role in healthcare data management and her professional growth, validating the platform's effectiveness in mastering SAS for real-world applications.


I just love this straight-forward, honest feedback.

We'll address the noted issues with the appropriate urgency.

SAS Skill Builder for Students do make a big difference to our student community across the world.

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