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Calcite | Level 5

It was okay and I was using it. And then it suddenly showed an error. Afterward, when I tried to Launch Virtual Lab and kept learning, I can only see a blank screen after running sas virtual lab.

First I tapped here.









Then it showed this.


Then it became all black.


Can anyone help me?

Calcite | Level 5

Can't offer you a solution but I am experiencing the same issue after getting an error that Microsoft Edge stopped working. Any guidance would be appreciated!

Fluorite | Level 6

I am having the same issues



  First of all, I don't recommend using Internet Explorer at all, when you're trying to use the Virtual Lab. Microsoft Edge could be OK in the Virtual Lab. But I have also seen reports of Edge not working where switching to Google Chrome worked.

  Several issues cause the black screen. Let me list some possibilities for things to check or try:

1) using a bookmark to try to return back to the Virtual Lab. To get to the Virtual Lab you should always go into your class and then click on the "Launch Virtual Lab" link on the right side of the screen. Do not bookmark the Virtual Lab or Citrix URL and then try to return back to the lab.

2) needing to clear temporary Internet cache files. Sometimes, things just get clogged up. You need to close your browser (hopefully it is Google Chrome) clear your Internet cache or Internet history files, then open a fresh browser and log back into your Profile, reenter your class and then launch the Virtual Lab from inside the class.

3) not logging out of the Citrix window has been known to cause problems. If you never end your Citrix session (such as might happen if you just "x" out of the browser) then the next time you try to get back in you might experience a black screen that never loads the lab. To log out of Citrix gracefully, after you sign out of SAS Studio, you should have a Citrix Receiver tab in your browser. On the far right side of that window, click the userID and select Log off, as shown below:


That will ensure that you don't leave the Citrix session open and hanging waiting for a logoff if you just "x" out of the window or the browser.

4) If you are using a VPN connection, try connecting without VPN.

5) If you have a very strict internet network security protocol, you can try to launch a private mode or incognito window when using Citrix or the Virtual Learning Environment when you launch the class.

6) Sometimes you just need to reboot your machine and start with everything fresh -- fresh browser, fresh Virtual Lab, fresh logons.

7) If all of these things fail, can you try from a personally owned device and not a work issued computer. Personal devices don't usually have as many (if any) firewall restrictions that might cause issues.

  If none of the above suggestions work, then please send email to and let us know the following information (Please send the information, don't post it here. The people who need to work with you are not monitoring the Community Forums.):

=== ===

Browser used:

Black screen only:

Any error message:

Wired or wireless connection:

VPN (Y or N):

Student country:

Date of problem:

=== ===

I hope one of these suggestions helps you figure out your issue. If not, please send the requested information to  



Calcite | Level 5
Thank you Cynthia.

I tried clearing the cache for the past 7 days. Restarted computer and
browser. However, the issue is still not resolved.

I sent an email to

Thank you,

Fluorite | Level 6
Not using a bookmark worked for me. Thanks, Cynthia!
Fluorite | Level 6

I was having the same issue, I issued a ticket to  our administrator, i believe this was being blocked  by the company cybersecurity as I can access it at home ...   I will follow up  with their answer 

Calcite | Level 5

Hi everyone,


I am using Chrome so I don't think it's because of the browser. I asked then, and they were very nice and helpful. They set up a Zoom call and I was able to show it to an instructor. The funny thing was it didn't happen again since then. The instructor and I still don't know why it happened three times before.


In addition, during the three times there were black screens, I followed all instructions and it didn't work out. Like [ log out > clear cache > google SAS > go to > log in and launch virtual lab on chrome, incognito, and Edge each time.]

In my case, I can log in to the virtual lab the next day because it worked normally the next day. But at that moment when the black screen shows, there's no way I can log in. 


I highly suggest you guys can use  SAS OnDemand for Academics software which the instructor recommended to me. And I found it works better, more efficiently, and with less troubleshooting.




Calcite | Level 5

Seeing the same issue. Closing tabs and reopening or restarting computer did not help



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