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Fluorite | Level 6

I am using proc report and ODS to create a report.

The following makes the word "purple" in the tile purple color.

title6 height=2.5 "Items with Historical Unit Price more than 5 or less

than 0.5 times estimate are highlighted in ^S={foreground=purple}

purple^S={foreground=black}." ;

But, is there a way to make the word "purple" to be in whit with its

background being purple color?

I tried this, but it does not work:

title6 height=2.5 "Items with Historical Unit Price more than 5 or less

than 0.5 times estimate are highlighted in ^S={foreground=white

background=purple} purple^S={foreground=black}." ;

I use sas 9.1.3 SP4 on XP.





  What is your destination of interest?? HTML, RTF, PDF??? I wonder because I would expect the title statement to work at least with ODS HTML. In fact, in my test code (shown below) using SAS 9.2, I see that ODS HTML and ODS TAGSETS.RTF in SAS 9.2 both created the desired output. However, the original RTF output and the PDF output did not show the desired changes. I don't have 9.1.3 to test with anymore, but I suspect you might get similar results in that version, too.

  For more help with this question, you might want to work with Tech Support.


Test code (see screenshot for output RTF and PDF looked the same; HTML and TAGSETS.RTF looked approximately the same):

ods escapechar='^'; 

title1 height=12pt

"1) Items with Something are highlighted in ^S={foreground=purple} purple^S={foreground=black}." ;


title2 height=12pt

"2) Items with Somethine Else are highlighted in ^S={foreground=white background=purple} purple^S={foreground=black}." ;


title3 "Run on SAS version &sysvlong using &sysscp &SYSSCPL";


ods html file='c:\temp\test_title.html' style=sasweb;

ods rtf file='c:\temp\orig_test_title.rtf';

ods tagsets.rtf file='c:\temp\tr_test_title.rtf';

ods pdf file='c:\temp\test_title.pdf';


options nocenter;


proc print data=sashelp.class noobs;



ods _all_ close;   


title; footnote;


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