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Calcite | Level 5

I started using the newer 7.1 SAS EG and tried again to generate XML and then went back to using put statements within SAS trying to create a complex XML output manually as the mapper does to work for complexity with similar results in generation.  I saw your suggestion on the other program “Fox” and wanted to state that I have had success with "Netbeans".    This XML tool allows me to input SAS output files and run them threw the NetBeans' coding generating XML output and load into a server that is very particular of the format (meaning one wrong line and failure).    This again lets me output from SAS a "Details file" (more line driven) and a "header file" (distinct counts and overall counts by portfolio / segment).    These two files merry up so to speak in Netbeans which output extensive XML.    I have had success with generating over 350 thousand rows for claims which require counts from the headers to the counts within the coding of the file. 


 If anyone has had success with the newer versions let me know but for now it’s SAS to generate outputs and then use Netbeans.


FYI:  I do wish SAS would either partner with a company with its tools to output complex XML or fix the mapper to generate something similar. Their past experience has been great with tools like Apache, Microsoft etc.  

Pyrite | Level 9

We are going to engagne SAS consulting services to develop us a nice and neat custom ODS tagset.


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