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Calcite | Level 5

Is there a way to disable this warning?

I have a macro program in which I have PURPOSELY turned-off all destinations and am using old-fashion OUTPUT statements on various PROCs (e.g., UNIVARIATE and SUMMARY) to get the output into datasets that I later summarize via various ODS destinations (in the program in question I'm outputting to the RTF and TAGSETS.EXCELXP destinations) --- and I don't want any output from the PROCs in question otherwise (I've also got 'ods results off' set) ---

--- BUT I don't want the WARNING in the log (I'm actually redirecting the log via PROC PRINTTO), as I want my end users to review the log for "real" errors and warnings --- so I just want to turn of that particular warning, so they aren't distracted by so many of the same (in this case) meaningless warnings.

Is that possible?



Accepted Solutions
SAS Employee



ods select none;

-- David Kelley, SAS

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Super User Tom
Super User

Many procs have NOPRINT options.

You could also try re-directing listing to a null device.

* Unix ;

ods listing file='/dev/null' ;

* PC ;

ods listing file='nul:';

Calcite | Level 5


Worked great, when I used your suggestion INSTEAD of closing all ODS destinations (I assume you intended that).


Calcite | Level 5


I already was using the NOPRINT in the procedures that needed that (e.g, UNIVARIATE), and the other I was using (SUMMARY) doesn't produce 'printed' results. I didn't try your suggestion of routing the LISTING to "null", since in SAS 9.3 the default ouput destination is not LISTING ... and I found David Kelley's later answer to work. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Take care-Allen

Fluorite | Level 6 IJU
Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Tom,

I was looking for a solution to suppress listing, but output HTML. ‘ODS select none’ disables all destinations including HTML.  Your solution with re-directing listing to a null device removes listings only.  I knew how to redirect in DOS batch script: ‘ > nul’, but did not realize that the same syntax can be used in SAS code.  A simple Google search brought me to this discussion.

Thank you very much.

SAS Employee



ods select none;

-- David Kelley, SAS

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Can anyone tell me the differance with this code lines below?
My suppervisor instructed me to use the later, but I keep getting the warning discribed in this thread.  -KJ




ods select none;

ods listing close;




Calcite | Level 5

Hi David,


Can you please see my problem, I have posted it in my profile..



Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Closing all destinations has never been the proper way to disable displayed output.  As David said, use ODS SELECT NONE/ALL or ODS EXCLUDE ALL/NONE.  The warning is helpful and should remain.

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