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Calcite | Level 5

We are in the process of new SASITRM server for processing mainframe SMF data with MXG and IBM SMF adapters.  If anyone have some sample jobs of processing Raw Mainframe data to build Data marts.  I appreciate.   

SAS Employee

Please open a track with Technical Support. We will need to have some details about what release of ITRM you are using, in which environment the data will be processed (suspect it is z/OS but need to confirm) etc.  The current levels of ITRM will require that you create the JOB flows through the ITRM Client. These are documented in the SAS IT Resource Management 3.x: Administrator's Guide

Calcite | Level 5

Hi ,


I went through the samples and in ITRM Admin guide.  My shop working on a solution to bring  z/OS SMF data to be in SASITRM 3.9 Linux machine.  I couldn't find any sample specifics.  We need to design a model of data flowing between the to machines and a handshake to continue the cycle of process.  We plan to use CA Workload Manager ESP to coordinate the job trigger mechanism on both side. We face some challenges. When I nail down the problem I will post my solution.  Thank you for the support.

SAS Employee

The quickest way to have some of the SAS specialists for SAS ITRM 3.9 to help you with getting some samples to bring  z/OS SMF data to be in SASITRM 3.9 Linux machine will be to go ahead and open up a track with SAS Technical Support.  You can go create a track by filling out the information at the following URL:




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