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Obsidian | Level 7

Hi everybody,


I have a folder structure starting from '...\Shared Data\Production' with multiple subfolders underneath. For the different teams in our organisation I configured which team can (or cannot) access these subfolders.


Now I would like to create an overview (report) of which teams (and their users) can access which subfolders and the reports within the subfolders.


Does anyone have an example of how to achieve this? Your help is highly appreciated!


Kind regards,



Super User

The backslashes tell me that this has to be done on Windows. Since the finfo() function does not return permission properties on Windows, you will need to use operating system tools to retrieve the permission status, and for this, you need to have XCMD enabled in your SAS environment.


Some useful information is found here:

Barite | Level 11

Are you referring to the SAS Metadata folder structure ?  

Obsidian | Level 7

I understood that the physical folders I referred to are also part of the metadata folder structure.


When I open the 'Folders' tab in SAS Management Console this folder structure is indeed there (starting from 'Shared Data'). By requesting the folder properties of all subfolders I can find out which users and groups are authorized to the selected folder. This information however I would like to retrieve programmatically to eliminate the manual work to investigate this.


And as Kurt states: it is on Windows indeed...


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