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I don't really know where else I could post this, sorry if it's the wrong place.


Last week I installed SAS University Edition and VirtualBox on my PC (windows 10 8go RAM).


Since then my PC is much slower (like half fps on games), and I'm sure this is linked with the installation because I played the same game immediately before and after the installation, and the difference was huge.


Althoug I shut down the SAS VM, closed VirtualBox and/or restarted the computer it didn't improve.


It's been a week. Today I deleted the VM + files(through VirtualBox menu) and uninstalled VirtualBox (with CCleaner) and it's better, but still noticeably slower than before.

So I would like to know if that was normal ?
And if you have any ideas of what I could do to solve this problem ?

(>25% of free space on my hardware so it's not a problem of space)



Thank you


Check Windows Task Manager and sort processes by CPU % to see what might be using more resources than you expect. Also check memory usage to see if you are short on memory.

Super User

Virtual machines do take up a certain portion of memory. However, that should never persist beyond a restart and definitely not beyond deletion. Look for anything related to Oracle Virtual Box in your task manager. 


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