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Quartz | Level 8

Hi SAS Comm,

I have scatter plot in SGPLOT very simple. It has group statement (animal). This take two value: "hamster" and "gerbil". However when I plot the group=Gerbil data is plotted underneath the group=Hamster data, so I can't see it (the Hamster data is more dense, so all gerbil data underneath). How do I change the ordering, to bring the gerbil data to the front. I do not want to change it to "01: Hamster" and "02: Gerbil". I have tried sorting descending, it no working.

Help would be appreciate!

ods graphics / width=4.5in height=4.5in noborder attrpriority=none;
proc sgplot data=table2 ;styleattrs datacontrastcolors=(blue red)
datasymbols=(squarefilled circlefilled);
scatter x=weight y=age / group=animal markerattrs=(size=3pt);
xaxis grid max=0 min=50 label="Weight in grams";
yaxis grid max=0 min=20 label="Age in weeks";
Diamond | Level 26

Try this


scatter x=weight y=age / group=animal markerattrs=(size=3pt) grouporder=descending;


You can also add a transparency option so that the markers on top don't completely hide the markers underneath. You might also want to make the markers smaller.

Paige Miller



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